Its high time to let you know just how much your pilates classes have done for me and meant to me over the last 2 1/2 years.
A carpenter by trade and a desk jockey for the last thirteen years with carpentry on the weekends, the need to be physically tuned is very important to me. Like most of us, we take our bodies for granted far to long; so when I started with you at 64 years old I knew I needed some tuning.
You were able to let me know gently but firmly that more tuning was required than I was aware of. Your knowledge of human physiology is impeccable. You have tailored exercises for all your students that make the doing of the exercise easier and the results amazing.
Inside six months, I could tell that the two 1 hour sessions a week with you did more for me than the two 1 1/2 hour sessions of yoga per week that I had been doing. I felt stronger and had, to my delight, better balance. I also have more fun in your classes than in yoga. To me this is another vital difference.
I truly hope that the dream you are persuing of having your own studio, set to your exacting standards, does indeed come true. You may count on me as a student with you for many years to come.


LLM gives me a space for an activity that I have come to love and rely on for better health. You give me a judge-free, inclusive place to work my sh*t out on the mat every week, and I couldn't be more grateful for that opportunity. I'm a better person because of your classes, and that is how LLM changed my life. :) 
I'd encourage everyone to try LLM classes for a session. The vibe is encouraging and positive, and I always feel grounded after class!
Your business is different from other fitness businesses because you have a genuine interest in the health and wellbeing of your clients. You keep me safe while cheering me on to work harder than I think I can. And I adore your sense of humour!


Long lean mean fitness is different because Juanita is a fantastic instructor and she knows how to make you feel comfortable in her class, any issues with pain for instance she will make sure you take care to modify an exercise for that particular issue. She cares about her clients and her classes are hard work but a lot of fun. She always has a smile on her face no matter what and her sense of humour has you leaving class happy and her workouts leaving you feeling stronger and leaner.
LLM has changed my life because since starting Pilates with Juanita my terrible sciatica has gone. It was so bad I could not sit with my legs crossed without being in the most awful pain. Even getting in and out of a car was painful and as I do a lot of heavy lifting and walking for my work it really was awful. After only a few classes I was pain free and I feel stronger, healthier and find I have way more stamina when it comes to hiking, working out and generally enjoying life. I would tell anyone who isn't sure, try it and you will see how good you feel. It is hard work but so worth it to feel this good.

- Fiona van den Hoorn

I've been taking Pilates for 5 years at LLMF. Pilates has helped tone and sculpt my body. Llm classes are fun and you get to know the other participants. It's low impact. Flexibility and strength have improved. Feel great after classes. The Barre classes are a great workout. It's given me the confidence to do things I never thought I'd be able to do. You can have fun while working out.


I've been taking classes with Juanita for several years. It's always a really good workout with lots of laughs. Good times :) Can't wait to see the new studio!! Very happy for you and your business venture.


Read the story of how Long Lean and Mean Fitness came to be!

Read the story of how Long Lean and Mean Fitness came to be!