How much your pilates classes have done for me

Its high time to let you know just how much your pilates classes have done for me and meant to me over the last 2 1/2 years.
A carpenter by trade and a desk jockey for the last thirteen years with carpentry on the weekends, the need to be physically tuned is very important to me. Like most of us, we take our bodies for granted far to long; so when I started with you at 64 years old I knew I needed some tuning.
You were able to let me know gently but firmly that more tuning was required than I was aware of. Your knowledge of human physiology is impeccable. You have tailored exercises for all your students that make the doing of the exercise easier and the results amazing.
Inside six months, I could tell that the two 1 hour sessions a week with you did more for me than the two 1 1/2 hour sessions of yoga per week that I had been doing. I felt stronger and had, to my delight, better balance. I also have more fun in your classes than in yoga. To me this is another vital difference.
I truly hope that the dream you are persuing of having your own studio, set to your exacting standards, does indeed come true. You may count on me as a student with you for many years to come.

- Kelly

Juanita Wyatt