Something tells me this isn't exercise...

Something tells me this isn't exercise...

Shake Weights? Sauna Suits? Cabbage Soup Diet? Did any of them help you have a healthier life? Did they make you feel included? Did you achieve your fitness goals and maintain them using these?

No… of course you didn’t, because they are fads. They are designed to make you feel terrible, like you need them in order to succeed. But you don’t.

They are marketed to make you feel guilty about who you are and where you are in our life. Why are you setting yourself up to fail? Why are you using products and systems that count on you coming out on the other end feeling like you just don’t have enough will power?

Having a healthy, fit life is bigger than a product or system. Of course it’s about moving your body and feeding your body a balanced diet. But there is more to it. 

Feeling welcome and comfortable is a big deal. Feeling supported and understood is a big deal. It’s about laughing and groaning all in the same breath. It’s about leaving stress and worry on the floor. It’s about finding people who let you be you.

Christian Allaire